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The quality of Bump Audio earbuds surpass all of the competition.
In a side by side comparison the Bumpbuds sound richer and have deeper more realistic base than all of the leading brands.
The digital battery display is unlike any other, showing you in real time how long you can expect to enjoy your music. With 3 additional recharges stored inside of the portable charge case, you can enjoy your music all day! The Bump audio earbuds are a must have for anyone you know with working ears!

Touch Sensor
Hard Shell
Soft Rubber
Comfort Fit
Tap Sensor

Headphone Sound/ Earbud size


Touch control technology

Battery LED Display

Deep bass and immersive sound

Advanced bluetooth 5.0 technology

Best choice for walk, jogging, yoga

Waterproof wireless earbuds

“The BumpBuds serve up excellent audio quality, durability and a comfortable fit.”


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